Doubly Ugly

September 23rd, 2005 // 38 Comments

What is with Paris’ “Heidi” dress, and what is up with Kimberly Stewart‘s “pose?”

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. erica

    are ya sure that isnt amber frey

  2. Mariana

    May I be the first to coin the phrase “dougly”?

    How about “dapid”, for “double vapid”?

  3. Brian

    And the clothes are ugly too…………..

  4. PinkRose

    As I look at Kim Stewart in the picture, I can’t believe she is the same girl who called Jennifer Aniston “homely”.

  5. Gossip Guru

    Is it just me or do I sense another friendship breakup? They seem like they dont want to be touching each other.

  6. mischa


  7. katie

    personally, i’d wear the dress paris is wearing, i think its cute… least kim covered her bones with clothes

  8. MIMI

    What can I say about these 2 bleached out, FUGLY, classless, no talent, self absorbed, absent minded idiots? Did I mention FUGLY?

  9. tempy

    Apparently they got their coke from the same dealer Hohan uses.

    It’s funny, you can have all the money in the world but nothing can repair beat up dogs. Paris Hilton can catch catfish with them feet.

  10. Cynthia

    Mimi, you forgot to add delusional, vapid and FUGLY! Oh wait. You said FUGLY! well, let’s say it again! F-U-G-L-Y!!!!

  11. glitterjar

    Kimberly Stupid makes Paris look like a classy act.
    Kimberly Stupid is ugly and revolting bitch.She is using Paris’ fame and hoping those attetion will rub off on her as well.
    Pathetic Biatch,

  12. veelee

    Kimberley Stewart needs to address her receding hairline – immediately! It’s like the leaning tower of Rogaine.

  13. mischa

    Paris, you forgot to remove that piece of bondage gear from your neck.

  14. jolene

    are those R & R jeans?

  15. Paris looks like a Dutch cheesemaker in this shot! To go with her outfit, she should be wearing flat wooden shoes and have her hair in two a pony tails too! hehe.

  16. Coco

    Wow. Thats the most I’ve seen either of them covered up in quite some time.

  17. Smart Ian

    Why didn’t Paris tilt her head?

  18. Paris definitely looks as if she just been rescued by Kimberly from a Bavarian Castle’s dungeon. And Kimberly looks to have the “rib-busting ox-strength” enough to have broken the imprisoning chains with her bare hands.

  19. simple_Tina

    Two ugly men, in two hidious dresses!! That’s all I have to say!

  20. Anna

    Kimberley Stewart is the child of a faded pop star…the CHILD of a faded pop star. She has done nothing in her life to account for any fame unless you count slipping through her screaming mother’s thighs. You wouldn’t even know she is Rod Stewart’s spawn, except she looks so much like him, poor thing. She is F-U-G-L-Y. And I agree, who the hell is she to call Jennifer Aniston, “homely”? Puleeze, bee-atch!

  21. mimi

    did I mention they are FUGLY?

  22. Missy "G"

    If you put Tori Spelling in that mess, we could call it TRUGLY. BTW, you can see Paris’s lazy eye even from a distance. Now that girl has no shame, if I had an eye messed up like that or a hook nose like her, I would put a bag over my head fast in public.

  23. Lorena

    Both of these morons are so delusional about themselves–they think they look great! So Paris will probably not wear a bag over her head anytime soon. Too bad!
    And yes, I think Tori Spelling does belong in this little group. She’d fit right in!

  24. Neferi

    The gruesome twosome, feudalism on parade. There appears to be an ugly trend toward the belief that publicity should be inherited. It is obvious from her stupid comments that Hilton believes there is a superior few to which she belongs. Ironic since her family was nothing, dirt poor, when they arrived on these shores 100 years or so back. If they rose up to wealth, others may also do so.
    P.S. Beat up dogs is right Hilton looks much older than her age. I wonder why that is?

  25. Alexis

    Paris Hilton is nothing but a ugly lazy eyed porn quenn with money. And Kim Stewart is nothing but an ugly horse faced Mr. Ed with money. I do not care how much money they have. There is only so much surgery and makeup artists can do to improve your face & body. Beauty in NOT in there DNA/genetics like it is for so many other girls rich & poor.
    A much more wealthy and younger and beautiful heiress comes to mind, Charlotte Casairaghi.
    Don’t ask me how it is spelled, all I know is I saw something about her grandmother, Grace Kelly, on an A&E biography no to long ago. The girl is incredibly…. she is just truly stunning. That is the only word I can think to describe her.

  26. Alexis

    oops, sorry. Meant to type QUEEN, not quenn. typo.

  27. Alexis

    “There”– brain fart, I know it should be THEIR. I’m sure there are more. It was a long night.

  28. Pokey

    I have a Gumby doll that stands just like Kimbugly.

  29. sdfass

    Love the Gucci purse

  30. thumper

    Paris Hilton? I thought it was Sandy Duncan.
    btw, she made the dress in Home Ec…

  31. spiced

    Whats with “Little Blow Peep”

    Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep,
    And can’t tell where to find them.
    Leave them alone,
    and they’ll come home,
    Bringing their Kimberly behind them.

  32. ParisChr.

    is it true that paris hilton wears a 11number in her shoes!!!!? i am male and i wear that size, LOL it’s so biiig. 11 size for US and 45 for Europe!

  33. Lorena

    No, she could not have made the dress in Home Ec. class, as she did not go to school long enough to have a Home Ec. class!

  34. guest-m

    Cannot find a word to explain the VULGARITY of these two girls Kimberly is the ugliest F*!k i have ever seen – she definatly has her fathers face the poor ugly cow and to think every where in Oz ATM you see her and Niky Hilton’s ugly heads everywhere for the AntzPants campain – they really put me off buying antzpants
    - SLAGS!

  35. Ken

    I have never been a fan of Paris Hilton, But in this shot she really looks dumpy. I have no idea what her appeal is to anyone, except for the fact that she has a lot of family money. She has no talent, no looks, nothing appealing what so ever.

  36. LARS

    what happened to kim stewarts tits?

  37. thevirginconnieswail

    paris hilton is a cougar and kimberly stewart has brought shame to poor rod. i love rod stewart…he is the coolest. poor paris has a face like a totem pole…all sqaure and wierd. whatever happened to being celebrated for being beautiful and talented?

  38. DLUV

    paris hilton is a cougar and kimberly stewart has brought shame to poor rod. i love rod stewart…he is the coolest. poor paris has a face like a totem pole…all sqaure and wierd. whatever happened to being celebrated for being beautiful and talented?

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