Door Number One, Or Door Number Two?

September 27th, 2005 // 13 Comments

Please to God let there be a door number three!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Maggie

    Appropriately, the object emerging from the zone where Cisco’s pants should be resembles a medical waste bag. Somebody really needs to throw a tarp over that boy.

  2. Or better yet,
    “Dumb as a Doorknob”.

  3. The Real Ian !

    I know who the girl is but who the hell is that disgusting guy ?

  4. lolainthecity

    looks like someone got some bathroom head!

  5. Silasdog

    From what filthy crack house did they unearth this guy? Better yet, he looks like a fugitive from Riker’s Island (NYC prison). A total urban water rat. Please, somebody explain to me why this slob is condsidered a celebrity? He looks like pure riff-raff, human sewage with a hat. Instead on any bling, he should be wearing a roach-motel on a necklace.

  6. Jane

    Damn, Mischa! It must suck to have to score the good shit from such gnarly looking dudes. I think she was better off scoring from chubby sweaty Brandon than this trainspotter mess of a dude.

  7. I can smell his herpes…

  8. Cynthia

    haha! Roach Motel on a necklace! This ugly piece of crap is the ex boyfriend of that ugly piece of crap, Kim Stewart. Too bad they did not stay together, they could always be known as the ugly couple! As long as they didn’t breed….

  9. olive

    His name is Cisco Adler. He is in a band called Whitestarr (they suck) is Dad is a famous producer and owner of the ROXY. He is a loser, and a totally druggie!! Why is she with him?? I can understand Kim Stewart but not her!

  10. mam

    SHe may have the worst taste on the planet…

  11. ^Exactly. Even worse than her taste in men is that God-awful dress she’s wearing. It looks like maternity wear from the early 1970s.

  12. Krystyn

    Um, she’s not with him for anything other than the drugs. Seriously.

  13. fat mary kate

    indeed. he has the icyist of ice. :). besides that. ewwww his penis was in kim stewart. someone shoot mischa!

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