Don’t Piss Off The Wintour

June 8th, 2006 // 22 Comments

Leave it up to Lindsay Lohan to piss off Anna Wintour. It all went down at the CFDA awards this past Monday night when Anna Wintour and Lindsay Lohan were seated at the same table. For some reason Lindsay felt the need to get up and use the restroom six times in the span of two hours. We can only wonder why Lindsay had to use the restroom that often, maybe it was the free Coca Cola samples they were giving out? Ms. Wintour was not pleased with Ms. Lohan’s behavior. So much so that she leaned over and whispered to a Vogue staffer: “Tell her, if she gets up one more time, she will never be invited to one of my events again.” Lohan’s date, Karl Lagerfeld, was then told, “Karl, this is your guest, control her!”

Powder Frenzy [Page Six]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. MissNee

    divine! i knew i could never hate anna.

  2. Kim Rodgers


    Someone needs to put this bitch in her place

  3. Gossip Guru

    Ok, that is pretty FIERCE!!

  4. Gossip Guru

    Ok, that is pretty FIERCE!!

  5. wg

    Is this a surprise to anyone? Hohan thinks her sh!t don’t stink. Get her, Anna!

  6. ravenswing

    p.s. is her

    a) hair real

    b) accent real?

  7. Steven

    Who the hell is Anna Wntour to tell someone she can not go to the bathroom. It’s Lindsay’s perogative to use the bathroom as many as she wants. Is it annoying? Yes. Can Anna do anything about it? No. Maybe Lindsay had diahrea. What is she supposed shit her dress so she can get an invite to Anna Wintour parties? Puh-lease!


    Lindsay should have had more sense and snorted the whole lot in one go on her first visit to the ladies room, rather than piss everyone off by taking it in 6 lines

  9. C

    Knowing Lindsay, she probably used going to the bathroom as an excuse to socialize with the other people at the party. “I’m going to the bathroom… OH HI JESSICA!”

    Anna is just a big ol’ bitch. I’d rather Meryl give Lindsay social tips than Anna. Anna is just as bad as Lindsay in regards to the “don’t think their shit stinks.”

  10. justme

    she very well knew that LoHo was bored with her and snorting lines in the bathroom. Duhh.

  11. angelgirl

    “Maybe Lindsay had diahrea. What is she supposed shit her dress so she can get an invite to Anna Wintour parties?”

    LoL… are you serious?? La Lohan was blowin lines in the bathroom the whole night.

  12. jrzmommy

    Linds was probably going to smoke. Anna Wintour is a bitchy old hag.

  13. bitchykitten

    Why are we not suprised that Anna would forbade someone from going to the bathroom. This is after all the same women who decreed that the women in her office wax their noise hairs. I wonder if she does weekly inspections of the noise.

  14. bitchykitten

    Fucking hell that was supposed to be nose, not noise. Ugh!

  15. Steven

    angelgirl, It was an example. The point is if lindsay felt the need to go to the bathroom 6 or 60 times to do whatever it’s her perogative. Lindsay is not Anna’s child.

  16. EatACookie

    Wintour and Lohan both suck!

  17. KittyLiterati

    Lindsay was most likely snorting lines of coke. She doesn’t look like she’s eaten in a year, so I doubt she needed to expel any kind of bodily function.

    But Steven, you’re right–screw The Bob. I’d be getting up as much as possible if I had to sit between Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld. They’re just shy of completing the Monster Squad.

  18. -

    Lohan should feel lucky she’s famous at all … that people even want to see her at something like the CFDA … if she didn’t want to be there… no one would miss her… so you know what Lohan don’t go to any of these events if you think you’re too good for them… but then she has to act like she owns the damn place after she shows… go back to kindergarden or something my god

  19. jazz

    It is so time to give that old peasant Wintour the boot.

  20. DCJ

    lilo was probably trying to get a breather from Karl Lagerfeld’s legendary horsemeat breath.

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  22. Monique

    Anna is one Bitch who needs a good slap and punch in the face,for being a Cunt. What right does she have to bitch,when someone leaves the table frequently?

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