Don’t Fly With Penelope Cruz

June 29th, 2007 // 11 Comments


Was she panicking because she has no idea what she’s famous for besides dating everyone? Do you know? Penelope Cruz had a major freakout on an airplane on Thursday, causing a grounding and some luggage being tossed around.

Penelope Cruz had a panic attack onboard a Continental flight from Newark to Barcelona Thursday night. Cruz, who appeared to be traveling alone, was in first class and became agitated after the plane left the gate. After she spoke with the cockpit, the plane returned to the gate and Cruz deplaned. A fellow passenger told Huffington Post, “She was freaking out and refused to fly.” In the process of Cruz deplaning, the flight removed all the bags, which then sat in the rain, so that the airline could locate her luggage.

The status on Continental’s website of Flight 120 shows that the airplane returned to the gate in Newark before taking off almost two hours late, at 8:52 pm for a 7:10 pm departure.

If this is some “Final Destination” shit, then I’m with her. Planes are scary. I know it’s safer than driving, but still – small metal tube suspended thousands of feet in the air and you have no clue who’s driving or about your other passengers. There’s a recipe for safety. But if this was some kind of celebrity drama mama drug flashback, then hopefully some battle axe flight attendant put her on blast before the deplaning.

By J. Harvey

  1. michelle

    I think she probably had an honest-to-God panic attack. I don’t think she does drugs. She could also be superstitious and perhaps something happened that she is superstitious about and it sent her into a panic attack. I suffer from panic attacks, though thankfully never on a plane, and when you are having one you are not rational as you feel like you are going to die and you are hyperventilating and cannot breathe. I can’t imagine being stuck on a plane while having one, that would suck, because the only thing you want is to be able to move around and pace and try to calm down.

  2. mg

    The storm in NY Thursday night was supposed to be bad too. I don’t blame her. That’s one time I would use my clout as a star! Planes are scary.

  3. Viva LA BARCA!!!!

    Border jumpers don’t fly, they jump….shit get your story right next time….if it’s true it means this cucaracha had too much spanish fly.

  4. Timmy21girl

    What the hell’s she doing on a plane n e way??!!! I remember she was in a plane that almost went down w/ her and Salma Hayek. I wouldn’t go on a plane after something like that. I don’t blame her.

  5. logalat

    “Planes are scary”? What a bunch of pussies in here.

  6. Pussy

    The last time I was on a plane I had a panic attack. Hyperventilating, sweating, shaking the works. They didn’t stop the plane for me though. Anything that has the possibility to go hurling from the sky to the ground is pretty fucing scary.

  7. Paola

    I bet planes are the worst place to have a panic attacks

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  11. federicoselero

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