Don’t Feel So Bad, Celebrities Have Had to Work Shitty Jobs, Too

Bumpshack has a cute bit about the horrible jobs some celebs worked before they slept with the right person and got big.

  • Warren Beaty- The elder playboy use to be a ‘rat catcher’.
  • Jack Nicholson- Jack was discovered working in the ‘mailroom’ at MGM.
  • Brad Pitt- Mr. Jolie use to ‘wear a chicken suit and hand out fliers’ in front of El Pollo Loco (a mexican chain in California).
  • Nathan Lane- Nate use to be a ‘singing telegram delivery boy’.
  • Robin Williams- Whacko was once a street mime (what a stretch).
  • Demi Moore- The tough actress was a ‘debt collector’.
  • Ellen Degeneres- Shucked oysters’ and ‘sold clothes’ for retail chain Merry Go Round.
  • Garth Brooks- GB was a ‘boot seller’ in Nashville.

What a shock that Ellen handled clams. Ok, that was low even for me. I should be shunned. Anyway, read on for the rest of the list.


Garth Brooks- GB was a ‘boot seller’ in Nashville.

Jerry Seinfeld- He ‘sold light bulbs’ over the phone.

Walt Disney- Walt ‘drove an ambulance’ during World War I in France.

Elvis Presley- The king ‘drove trucks’ after high school and wanted to be an ‘electrician’.

Lucy Lui- The daughter of Chinese immigrants, Lui began working in a ‘pajama factory’ at the age of 11.

Mariah Carey- This diva ‘swept the floors’ of a hairdresser….for one day.

Rush Limbaugh- Rush ‘shined shoes’ before landing his radio gig.

Danny Devito- Fat Dan use to be a ‘hairdresser’ at his sister’s saloon.

Sharon Stone- Before her instinct to spread her legs she use to ‘supersize at McDonalds’.

Jason Lee- The star of My Name is Earl use to ‘wrap burritos at Taco Bell’.

Madonna- The material Brit use to ‘sell donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts’.

Stephen King- SK was inspired to write Carrie while ‘cleaning high school girl’s locker room’.

This was amusing and stuff but what I took away from it was that Madonna has been feigning British for so long that it’s actually succeeded and has caused people to refer to her ass as a “Brit”. You can seriously alter the fabric of reality with a faux-accent, tenacity and repetition, and millions of dollars.