Don’t Cross Robert Pattinson

We tend to gush over Twilight star Robert Pattinson and it will probably be to our benefit. The vampire heartthrob has admitted in past interviews that he reads online gossip about himself.

When Movieline asked him about that particular pastime, RPattz confessed, “I only look at the negative stuff. I just want to know whoever’s saying negative stuff, and I just want to remember their names. I write it all down in my black book.”

Hmm, that could be confusing if it’s the same “black book” where he stores his romantic conquests. Although in my experience, the information can often be synonymous.

Robert also wanted everyone to know that he does shower.  He was asked about a source on the set of New Moon who said that doesn’t smell good and doesn’t shower? Robert’s response, “I haven’t even been on the set yet (so was he even injured?)! I also do shower.” Glad to hear that he’s not stinky stinky stinky!

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