Don’t Ask Adam Lambert These Questions

March 30th, 2010 // 5 Comments

Sick of being asked the same questions over and over at press junkets, Adam Lambert ranted via Twitter about a number of topics he is so over discussing. His reasoning for the rants? “Don’t get me wrong–I actually really enjoy being interviewed. I’m not
upset–just hoping that by tweeting, [these] questions will fade,” he said. So here are the top five things to never ask Glambert about AGAIN.

1. Lady Gaga comparisons. (Over it!)
2. Are you gay? (Is the sky blue?!)
3. Did you meet Madonna?
4. Are you Queen’s new front man?
5. Did you kiss Ke$ha? (Um, who cares?)

There you have it. The questions no one is ever going to ask Adam (pictured leaving a bowling alley in
London March 26) again. Oh, why oh why do I doubt that? All we can hope is that he’ll stir up some more trouble and there’ll be a whole new set of crazy questions to answer!  

By Lola Robertson

  1. Zekers

    Didn’t take long for him to become a diva…

  2. dee cee

    Why are you such a talentless, whiney hack? elimanted yet?

  3. Zekers

    New word?

  4. kumulus

    He’s been answering these tired old questions for a long time, some for about a year now. I don’t blame him, he does apapreciate where he is right now, and has earned it. It’s not like someone promoting a movie who gets asked the same questions repeatedly – those promotions last a much shorter time. Hey, us fans would like to hear some dif questions, too!

  5. James

    A diva? LMAO read all his TWEETS troll. I love how this article made up their bullet points and accompanied it with that photo.

    He has been answering the same 5 questions since LAST year, over and over and over again, in literally every interview. WE even started complaining to the interviewers (it was hilarious at first they kept asking the same questions but after the 50th time it becomes ANNNNNNOOOOOYING) but he remained patient and said nothing, zilch.

    This week the interviewer said to him, “So you called yourself the Male Lady Gaga?” – which he didn’t LMAO wtf to which he responded “um, no?” they then proceeded to these questions:

    “Are you gay?” (HELLLOOOOOOO)
    “Is it true you were asked (we finished the sentence) to front Queen?”
    “So how was it meeting Madonna?”

    What is it with lazy reporters who can’t do research?

    BTW he said all this in a hilarious way and in hope they will fade – YET the next day another interviewer asked him the same 5 questions (I KID YOU NOT!) and also asked him about MAC (no he’s not starting his own makeup line for Men as he’s said a squillion times, and even if he ever does, it will be Universal).

    Lazy reporters who get their info off other lazy reporters are the worst.

    He is promoting his ALBUM, how about letting him talk about his MUSIC. Just a thought.

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