Don’t Ask Adam Lambert These Questions

Sick of being asked the same questions over and over at press junkets, Adam Lambert ranted via Twitter about a number of topics he is so over discussing. His reasoning for the rants? “Don’t get me wrong–I actually really enjoy being interviewed. I’m not
upset–just hoping that by tweeting, [these] questions will fade,” he said. So here are the top five things to never ask Glambert about AGAIN.

1. Lady Gaga comparisons. (Over it!)
2. Are you gay? (Is the sky blue?!)
3. Did you meet Madonna?
4. Are you Queen’s new front man?
5. Did you kiss Ke$ha? (Um, who cares?)

There you have it. The questions no one is ever going to ask Adam (pictured leaving a bowling alley in
London March 26) again. Oh, why oh why do I doubt that? All we can hope is that he’ll stir up some more trouble and there’ll be a whole new set of crazy questions to answer!