Don’t GOOP On Gwyneth Paltrow

January 31st, 2011 // 6 Comments

Gwyneth Paltrow said it hurts her feelings when we make fun of GOOP (whoops).

“Any time you do anything with any degree of sincerity, people make fun of you,” Gwyn, pictured leaving her NYC apartment on Jan. 26, said about criticism she often receives for the site. “That’s totally fine. I don’t care. I don’t read any of it. My thing with Goop has always been, if you don’t like it, then don’t log onto it.”

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But she said sometimes people do get her down.

“There were a couple of times when I thought, ‘I’m just gonna stop doing it. People are so mean to me. I don’t want to do it.’ But then I was like, ‘Who cares what some lame person out there says?’ I was in Italy once, and this old man came up to me and said, ‘I had the best time in Nashville because of Goop.’ And that is so worth it to me.”

What do you think? Are Gwyn’s GOOP suggestions like recipes/reading lists pointless or pointed?

By Lola Robertson

  1. Jennifer B

    I have found useful stuff on the site. Like she said -if you don’t like it, don’t log on. I am sure you all say the same things to people who say shit about your site.

  2. kendra

    Rich girls who skipped college, like her, always always behave conceitedly. I.e. Paris Hilton too. Never learned humility and that they’re not the end-all, be-all..

    • R. B. Hawkes

      Apparently humillity isn’t a strong suit of yours either.
      Everyone has an opinion. Glad you think your’s is so important.
      Lose the chip. It’s unattractive.

  3. ij

    I think the site is really interesting – i especially liked the stuff about New Orleans. She should always just ignore the jerks who criticise it.

  4. R. B. Hawkes

    Gwneth is a class act. She is sharing what she likes. If you have a different preference that’s fine too. Do what you like and like what you do.
    I think it’s wonderful to have a fun site like GOOP.
    How can that bother anyone?

  5. Molly Duncan Ng

    well, with those attitudes they may never attract the abundance for a weekly hair blow out. The more haters the merrier. They can just keep spinning their wheels. My first glance through Gwyneth’s blog and the quality of my life is dramatically altered for the best! Go Girlfriend! :D Education is expensive! I am glad Gwyneth is recording her experience for posterity. Thank you! Maybe we could help guard the sacred chambers of her heart by by filtering the filth somehow.

    I am fortunate to have six generations of the personal records, tender feelings and experiences of my fore-mothers. Priceless. “Women who do not write leave no history.”

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