Don’t Get Too Excited Folks, Apparently Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling Are Not Actually Broken Up

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The couple stroles through the city of love.
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File this under stories I’m going to stop believing for my own sanity.

Rumors started swirling today that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling had finally called it quits over the holidays. Yes, the rumors are back. But this time, Eva’s reps are actually responding to it. According to E! News, her reps said that “the latest breakup reports are just another round of rumors.

So, they are still together, right? What’s funny is that this news comes just after Eva told airport security that she’s pregnant

Maybe it was just her way of avoiding radiation from the scanner, but still. OK, now the big question is are they still together or not? See, Eva and Ryan haven’t confirmed that they’re not dating, but the thing is they never actually confirmed they were dating. They just kinda started showing up places together.

So…does this mean that since we haven’t seen them together in awhile they’re not together? Ugh. My brain. Fine, I won’t believe anything until a publicist confirms it. What do you guys think is going on? Couple? Non couple? Baby? So many options. Sound off in the comments.