Make This Stop! The Skrillex Haircut

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If there’s one fashion trend that just needs to end, it’s the Skrillex haircut.

While the musician may not be the first person to rock the half-shaved, combover look, he’s definitely made it super popular. Especially among girls. But here’s the thing folks, it’s just not  a good look on anyone other than Skrillex.

Plenty of celebrities from Ke$ha to Rihanna have sported the haircut, with varying degrees of success. Rihanna didn’t go too crazy with her shaved side, but Ke$ha really did. I mean, are you looking at the photo above? That is some serious shaving that’s going on there. 

And it’s not just celebrities who have sported the haircut. Anywhere you go from a hipster bar to a high fashion event, you’re bound to see at least one girl who thought that shaving the side of her head was a good idea. And what about when you decide that you’re over it? Doesn’t the shaved part grow out super awkwardly for the first few months? And it doesn’t even look like something you could successfully hide.

In conclusion y’all, I am very much over this trend. There are just so many other hairstyles out in the world, why are so many people sticking to this one? Can’t they just leave the Skrillex hair to Skrillex?

What do you guys think of the trend? Think it’s as over-hyped as we do? Leave your thoughts about it in the comments and let’s get a discussion going! And don’t forget to tell us what other trends you think are over-hyped! If we agree with you we just might have to write about that trend, too!