Donna Martin’s Brother On Her Money

He was on 90210 playing Steve Sander’s cousin, right? That’s good. Because there’s no other way in hell this kid’s getting acting jobs on anything un-Spelling. Stank! Anyway, apparently he’s annoyed by reports that Tori’s cut out of the will and bitching about it . What in Sam Hill does he care? He’s still in it. Sit down!

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum’s brother, Randy Spelling, is speaking out against reports made in recent months that his sister was stiffed in her inheritance after a rift with their mother.

Instead, Randy claims that the amount Tori received from her mogul father’s passing–a mere $800,000 of an estimated $500 million fortune–was not only what she should have been expecting, but the exact same amount he himself received.

“It’s not like my dad would give me one thing and Tori another,” Randy said, adding that the amount of both of their inheritances “was set up for years and years and years. So, nothing was changed. Nothing was changed in the will.”

Someone wants attention for his reality show that’s coming out. Dude, face it. Your sister pissed off your ‘rents and felt the wrath of the creator of “T.J. Hooker”. And kissing your Mom’s frosty ass isn’t going to get any more money out of her. That bowling alley needs upkeep, and she needs more beautiful satin ribbon for the gift-wrapping room!