Donna Martin to Pen Memoir

Tori Spelling is nailing that coffin shut completely. She’s writing a memoir, according to People.


Besides running a bed & breakfast with husband Dean McDermott for their upcoming Oxygen network series, the pregnant Tori Spelling intends to do something else between the sheets – write a memoir.

Simon & Schuster will publish the book by the former Beverly Hills 90210 star and expectant mom, who is due this spring. The collection of recollections will be complied when “the baby is napping,” Spelling tells USA Today, and will likely be done with the help of a ghostwriter.

Spelling, 33, had yet to inform her family, with whom she’s had a tense relationship, about the book. According to the newspaper, she planed to tell brother Randy Spelling, 28, over the weekend. (She described her relationship with him as only “okay”).”I certainly hope that (the book) doesn’t cause more damage,” says Tori.

Doesn’t a “memoir” usually require you’ve uh, done something spectacular or you’ve had a long and fruitful life and now you’re puttering around your seaside home on Nantucket and it’s time go back, back into the past when you were young and pretty and had the whole world ahead of you?

That’s gotta suck, though. Dad had more money than God, and you were bonehead enough to piss your Mom off right before he died. Way to go, Tor. I am totally booking a room at that Bed & Breakfast, though. I hope there’s autographed pictures of David Silver and the pumpkin farmer/rock star guy who beat her up on the show.

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