Donkeys Lying About Song

August 17th, 2007 // 15 Comments

LIES! Those two douchebags from “The Hills” continue to whore for MTV, and create drama wherever they go. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are claiming that the song Ryan Seacrest played yesterday should never have been released, and was a “joke” on their part. They’re reportedly “furious”. They’re full of shit!

A source tells that the couple do not know where Ryan Seacrest got the song, which he played for listener feedback this morning on his radio show. “They are furious,” the source says. “They don’t know who [is responsible], but Heidi, Spencer and the label are extremely upset it leaked.”

Montag, who has a contract to release one song, not a whole album, with Warner Brothers, had planned to release “Body Language” without Pratt’s rap. Pratt tells Us that the leaked track “was a song Heidi and I were doing for fun. Never would I rap on her first single!”

Never would I rap on her first single! What? Who talks like that? Shut up! You two bims are the reason why the world hates us! Douche translates into many languages! We know you leaked it, you blond plastic clowns. We’re not stupid. DIE ALREADY!

I guess Friday couldn’t have come soon enough.

By J. Harvey

  1. mandy

    she isn’t wearing her ring

  2. peachpie

    *back away s-l-o-w-l-y *

  3. Elizabeth

    LMFAO. That is all.

  4. caroline

    That’s frightening, because it suggests that he may, however, rap on future singles.

  5. anon

    I’ve got a really good idea. How about all sites/blogs, including this one, just f*#cking stop posting about them. If no one pays attention to them they go away. Jezus. The solution is simple.

  6. cacey

    I was just reading last week’s “life and style weekly” and it had pictures of their apartment. One of the quotes from Spencer said that they might leak the single on Ryan Seacrest’s show. Now they’re denying it? Tools.

  7. You

    i agree. just a side comment, ive noticed your site is not a fan of the show ‘the hills,’ (same here) although there are numerous posts about the shows characters. if you dislike it so much and seemingly pride yourself in not liking it or taking interest in watching something full of fake scenes and nobodys, why post about it/them? a bit contradicting. just wondering thats all. =)

  8. Mia

    Yeah…. these two are beyond annoying and YES, Sh*t like this is Why The World Hate Americans !!!!! Where’s a frick’in Ten Ton Weight that drops from the sky and Kills them both when you need it !!!!!!
    Or a big steam roller will do nicely as well.
    Just PLEASE make them SHUT THE ‘F’ UP ALREADY.

  9. lookwhaticando

    I love these 2. I don’t usually like white people but these two are entertaining.

  10. T-Bone

    I know this is not a thread about Britney, But I wish y’all would leave her alone, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, SHE IS YOUNG AND NEEDS OUR LOVE

  11. 2 Old 4 This

    Children of The Corn?

    Seriously – what’s with the matching shades of blond?

  12. lookwhaticando

    peachpie you’re not real bright are you?

  13. Lysette

    Who are these two pieces of wallpaper?

    I have been seeing their blah, neutral faces all over the blogs. Whatever is going on with them could not be of any possible interest to the populice.

    They make me yawn.

  14. Valerie

    These two suck.

    And T-Bone-so do you! Nice name jackoff. How do you plead love for Britney, who can’t even put on a pair of panties before leaving the house, yet make such stupid comments about other people here? Brit Brit should be sterilized, and you should quit working at McDonalds stupid shit!

  15. pamela

    lauren rulez she is sooo cool spiedi (hiedi and spencer)are flamming shit bags i give the relationship 1 month they are asshole!!!!!!!!!!

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