Donatella Versace Takes A Digger

March 26th, 2007 // 8 Comments

This bitch is one of my favorites. I don’t think she actually hurt anything because when you have skin like a Mystic-tanned alligator, you barely take on scuff marks. Hell, she can deflect bullets at this point. Seriously, fire a pistol at her. The bullet will bounce off, she’ll take a drag off her cigarette holder and ask “what were youz saying, dahling?”

I love in the last pic how she’s all “Yeah, I fell but you CAN SUCK IT!”


By J. Harvey

  1. margaretta

    Donatella, fashion icon…mommy, the lady is scaring me.

  2. savokia

    Wasn’t there a movie about her? “Death Becomes Her”

  3. -A

    There’s something…about her. Oh yes, that’s right. Her penis.

  4. CarrieFever

    awww be nice to Donnatella she seems like a sweat lil lady i saw an interview with her and jimmy kimmel she was a lot nicer than i thought she would be she seemed very humble

  5. JAKell

    Separated at birth from New York’s mama.

  6. Jinxy McDeath

    Funny post, skirting – just barely – the bad taste of Donatella being shot, as was her brother, Gianni Versace. You dance on the razor’s edge once again J Harvey and live to tell about it!

  7. Kelly

    Funny. In the first main picture, the one dude is all about making sure her purse doesn’t fall with her…

  8. Grace

    Bitch got cankles!!

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