Donatella Versace Feels Hilary Clinton Needs to Ease up on The Butch

February 8th, 2007 // 8 Comments


Donatella Versace told a German newspaper that Hilary Clinton needs to stop dressing like she has dick holes in her underwear .

Versace told German newspaper Die Zeit, “I can understand (trousers) are comfortable but she’s a woman and she is allowed to show that. She should treat femininity as an opportunity and not try to emulate masculinity in politics.”

Donatella did add that “I admire her for her determination, which will hopefully take her to the White House.”

Fer chrissakes, it’s not like Hil is Ace-bandaging her tats and rocking a dildo in her trousers. She’s all business, and you need to be when you’ve got a philanderer for a husband. She needs to be able to roll up on a bitch at any moment in serious-looking pantsuits and slap the shit out of them and then order it covered up. You know she threatened Monica Lewinsky’s ass at some point. And where the hell does Donatella get off? She’s got a mug like a purse from the 1970′s.

By J. Harvey

  1. margaretta

    I totally agree with Donatella! Hilary should dress exactly as Donny does…just like a blow up party doll. Now that’s what I would call executive material.

  2. DD

    That thing above, Donatella??? She has a face like a brick. A face that could stop traffic. Hillary, do not listen to her……………she scares me.

  3. jordalyn

    dying. genius. donnatella scares me as well.

  4. racey

    Hillary has VERY heavy legs and the trousers help hide that. I think she looks fine – certainly better than the lump under the blanket!

  5. Josephine Dertz

    That was straight from the horses face. Uh, I mean mouth!

  6. rudy

    Poor Hillary has among the ugliest legs on the planet. They are very heavy, lumpy, thick, and shapeless. There is not a hem length that is flattering, except maybe floor length, which is hardly appropriate for business. She appears much more appealing in a well-tailored pantsuit.
    On the other hand, Donatella is a shambling (I’d say walking but she is barely capable of upright movement) public service announcement about the dangers of doing drugs and getting bad plastic surgery. Donatella and Courtney Love are sisters under the badly abused self-medicated skin. Donatella looks like the remainder rack on the late-night shift of a Neapolitan bordello. She’s been relegated to handjobs. Whatever brain cells she may have once possessed were long ago blown away by nose candy. She barely has two synapses to bang together.

  7. Chocoholic

    Donatella’s backtracking on the advances of the feminist movement. The fact that Ms. Clinton’s fashion choices are fair game for scrutiny is ludicrous. Plenty of male politicians walk around D.C. in 20 year old Brooks Brothers and combovers, and no one utters a peep. But because Hilary has ovaries, she’s ripe for comment? Who cares what she wears? She’s not in the fashion or entertainment industry, she’ in politics. What matters is what comes out of her mouth and the ideas she puts to paper, not the rag she puts on her back.

  8. Lee

    i would f**k the hell out of Hilary,i’d have those big legs bent all the way back to her head.

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