Donatella Versace: Then And Now

October 20th, 2005 // 12 Comments

This is what plastic surgery and massive cocaine usage can do to a face. Consider this Donatella‘s own public service announcement.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. bathina

    isn’t it crazy to spend all that money for plastic surgery only to look worse than “before”?
    Ah, Donatella….

  2. Tajue

    Are those false eyelashes? They look so natural!

  3. Obert

    no idea who she is, but must be one of those famous people who should be posted on. “When plastic surgery goes bad!”, what makes it worse is when they think they look beautiful.

  4. Johnny Chicago

    The woman on the left? Bangable.

    The woman on the right? I’d have to do twice as much blow as her to stick it in her.


  5. Told You So

    When I was buying new glasses a couple of weeks ago, I tried on one pair, and refused them because I thought that Donatella might wear something like that. And she’s such a hag, and she dresses so trashily that I couldn’t bear to buy anything she might.

  6. mischa

    The first picture looks like Nicole Richie in 20 years.

  7. Silasdog

    I just showed the picture on the right to my dogs. They howled like crazy, can’t keep ‘em away from the computer now. The same sort of howling used to happen whenever someone in the neighborhood play a Mariah Carey song. Strange!

  8. Lilly

    People should NEVER get there lips enhanced.. it NEVER looks real.. they all end up looking like they were in a terrible fight.. or sucked on a vaccum cleaner for too long..

  9. did someone say they dont know who she is?? um


    anyways, i think she did need surgery at first, but not as much as she had done,

    have you guys seen side view pics? her nose has collapsed. its so sad.

  10. While its obvious shes had some plastic surgery to tweak a few things, its obvious that age has actually done the most damage.

    So to this; MEH.

  11. Cattt

    Omigawd! She looked decent before! I actually thought the plastic surgery was suppose to make her look better. She really looks bad now!

  12. Hermes

    this things make her as fabulous as she looks, like lagerfeld, donna, mcqueen…..cest la vie!!!

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