Donald Trump’s Upset About Rosie Leaving “The View”

April 26th, 2007 // 5 Comments

After reading this, he’s almost gone from demented and annoying to slightly amusing to me. He’s so obviously playing a character. And then throw in the Mystic Tan and that animal on his head, and I think he’s a knee slapper. Trump spoke about Rosie leaving . He was about as complimentary as you can imagine. I wonder if they’re actually good friends and this was all just a hoax.

What do you think about Rosie leaving?
TRUMP: Well, she didn’t leave The View, ABC fired her. They couldn’t take it anymore. Her ratings, frankly, were good during the month of January when she and I were going at it, but they’ve been falling very steadily ever since.

[According to, ratings for The View during February sweeps were up 15 percent in key female demographics compared to last year. Also, O'Donnell and ABC have both said an inability to agree on a contract is the reason for her departure.]

So yeah, he’s playing a part. He just yells shit obviously. He’s like a pro wrestler. Keep reading for his opinions on how he thinks he’s the only good choice to replace Rosie and how he hates Joy Behar and thinks his former friend Barbara Walters is over.

Do you think this is a good move?
I think it was a good move for ABC. The problem is … Barbara [Walters] no longer has it, and the show is pretty sad. So they have to bring in somebody very good.

Whom would you put in Rosie’s spot?
Probably the only one that could really do it would be me, but I would never do it.

What about Elisabeth Hasselbeck?
I think she’s fine. I think she’s a very good counterpoint, but Joy Behar is terrible and totally third rate, if that. And they don’t have another person, so I don’t know what happens with The View. They’re going to have to get very lucky and get somebody good.

The boyfriend thinks he’s a howl, and good at what he does and I have to agree. He certainly knows how to attract attention. Seriously, the front of his building in NYC is like gold lame. It’s absolutely hideous but I bet you can see the damn thing from space.

By J. Harvey

  1. Sue

    “throw in the Mystic Tan and that animal on his head, and I think he’s a knee slapper.”
    Thanks J.!!!

  2. Linda

    Trump is a master at what he does, and what he does is make himself look like an oaf and a bore. Great acting? I think not. He has made the biggest fool out of himself and if that was his goal…Good Job you deserve the nickname “Donald Dump”. The American public is brain dead if they believe this guy is anthing but a dope

  3. rootabega

    no, he’s totally playing a part, and it is hilarious. this is a publicity stunt. how could you hate him, he’s pure camp.

  4. Linda

    Funny is being able to amuse people without resorting to the personal attacks Dump has used in his tirades. A fool who resorts to the kind of “fat pig, lesbian” lines he has used just shows he has no intellect OR wit. Personal insults are the weapons of the ignorant. Attack her views if you want a debate Mr Dump.

  5. Will The View be better without Rosie?

    I work for a social polling website called BuzzDash, and they’re taking a vote right now on whether or not The View will be better off without Rosie and her drama.

    Take a look: at the top.

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