Donald Trump Wants To Hire Popular Hooker Ashley Alexander Dupré

Wasn’t this show already made on VH-1 and called Charm School? Donald Trump and his weave want governor-destroying hooker Ashley Alexander Dupré on his new, as yet unnamed reality show. It’s going to take “15 hard-partying young women and send them off to a boarding school environment where they’ll learn to become more ladylike.”

“Hard-partying” translates as “straight-up ladies of the evening.” If they used real street walkers, I might actually try to see past Trump’s weave and tune in.

“She’s the perfect candidate,” a show insider says. Dupré, as you know, is the hooker that caused New York governor Eliot Spitzer to lose his gig. So I guess she would compete on the show? Or give blowjob lessons?

The show has been picked up by MTV. I’m seriously going to approach a network with my idea for a show. I want 12 pre-op transsexuals to compete for a vagine. It’s 2008, this show could actually happen.