Donald Trump Wants To Hire Popular Hooker Ashley Alexander Dupré

March 30th, 2008 // 7 Comments

Wasn’t this show already made on VH-1 and called Charm School? Donald Trump and his weave want governor-destroying hooker Ashley Alexander Dupré on his new, as yet unnamed reality show. It’s going to take “15 hard-partying young women and send them off to a boarding school environment where they’ll learn to become more ladylike.”

“Hard-partying” translates as “straight-up ladies of the evening.” If they used real street walkers, I might actually try to see past Trump’s weave and tune in.

“She’s the perfect candidate,” a show insider says. Dupré, as you know, is the hooker that caused New York governor Eliot Spitzer to lose his gig. So I guess she would compete on the show? Or give blowjob lessons?

The show has been picked up by MTV. I’m seriously going to approach a network with my idea for a show. I want 12 pre-op transsexuals to compete for a vagine. It’s 2008, this show could actually happen.

By J. Harvey

  1. Dolres

    Power to the Donald, quack! quack!

  2. Why_Do_I_Care?

    Hasn’t that show been done? Flavor of Love Girls/Charm School? Yawn.

  3. kristin

    he did not cause the governor to lose his job, why are you blaming the hooker? he engaged in illegal activities and no one put a gun to his head to do it. it’s spitzer’s fault.

  4. P

    Wow. This show concept is a total rip off of the UK show “Ladette to Lady” where a bunch of crazy drunk loud sluts are sent off to an old 1950s etiquette boarding school.

  5. Zekers

    Reality Pygmalion…ugh.

  6. joan Durtz

    It is so sad that our society has gotten to this. Making stars out of young girls who have probably been abused during their lives. You have to be f’ed up to be a hooker or a stripper. No wonder so many little girls think dimwits like Paris Hilton are good role models. Donald Trump is a broke idiot. That is why he does these shows so he can make the money.

    It also shows that he is not sexist one bit. (*insert eye roll here*)


  7. shell

    She is looking very sophisticated here. I see why she was able to break into the illustrious world of high-priced hookerdom.

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