Donald Trump Sues to Prove Size Does Matter

According to Donald Trump, he’s being unfairly singled out for flying a flag over his Mar-a-Lago Club that violates zoning codes of Palm Beach, Florida, where the club is located. Fox News reports:

Town officials said Trump violated zoning codes when the lavish club hoisted a 15-by-25-foot flag atop an 80-foot pole on Oct. 3. The citation was for having a flagpole taller than 42 feet, for not obtaining a building permit and for not getting permission from the landmarks board.

“A smaller flag and pole on Mar-A-Lago’s property would be lost given its massive size, look silly instead of make a statement, and most importantly would fail to appropriately express the magnitude of Donald J. Trump’s and the Club’s members’ patriotism,” the lawsuit says.

I like the idea that the bigger the flag, the greater the amount of patriotism is being expressed. If only there were a way to express love using the same concept, oh wait–I forgot! That’s why diamonds were invented.

Donald Trump Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against Palm Beach After Being Cited for Large Flag [Fox News]

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