Donald Trump and Carolyn Kepcher Go Their Separate Ways

August 31st, 2006 // 4 Comments

I know, the title should have been, “Carolyn…you’re fired!” but I figured it might be TOO obvious, even for me. From The Showbuzz:

Portrayed as an icy blonde on the NBC reality show, which debuted in 2004, Kepcher, 36, who worked for Trump for 10 years, “became a prima donna,” following the success of the show, one insider told the newspaper. “Being on ‘The Apprentice’ went to her head. She was no longer focused on business. She was giving speeches for $25,000 and doing endorsements.”

But the Donald doesn’t seem to be harboring a grudge and, “He wishes her well,” Trump’s assistant Rhona Graff told The ShowBuzz on Thursday.

I hope her resume’s up-to-date.

Written by Lisa Timmons

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. kelly

    One guess on her replacement . . . his daughter?! Because her experience (first hand) in business totally outweighs Carolyn’s I’m sure.


    I never liked that woman, she reminded me of some of my “field” teachers in business school, moneywhorecontrolfreak

  3. RitaPita

    Im so sick of Trump….

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