This is Donald Trump doing this morning, as told by his Twitter tirade

Wow. Someone was quite “prolific” on Twitter this morning.

In a series of ten tweets, President Donald Trump touched on everything from leaks to the failing New York Times (who he just gave an interview to) to his “complete power to pardon” to FAKE NEWS to defending Donald Trump Jr, and of course Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 emails.

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Dude, it is time that you stepped away from “the Twitter.” You are not doing yourself any favors. Plus, half of what you’re saying just does not make any sense.

It is odd and troubling that once again Trump is highlighting his power as president to issue pardons. This comes on the heels of his legal team’s asserting that the question of pardons related to the Russia investigation is “not on the table.”

“Pardons are not being discussed and are not on the table,” Jay Sekulow a member of President Trump’s legal team, told ABC News.

So then why is Trump do interested in them?


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