Donald Glover From ‘Community’ To Join Cast Of HBO’s ‘Girls’

Who else misses Hannah’s self loathing rants? Or Shoshanna’s surprising outbursts of wisdom? Personaly, I am in dire need of Girls talk.

Sadly, we must make do with reruns and Tumblr gifs. HBO Girls season 2 isn’t scheduled to air until 2013- I know in actuality that isn’t a long time from now, but right now it feels like an eternity away.

We are all in for great surprises come season 2. One I can not wait for is the new cast member: Community’s Donald Glover. YES, THAT HAPPENED. I can’t help but wonder what his role will be. Will he be Marnie’s ‘give less of a shit’ boyfriend? Or maybe he’ll challenge Adam for Hannah. Or MAYBE Lena Dunham might come out of left field and have him be Hannah’s evil writer rival by day and hardcore rapper by night, thus making him irresistible to Jessa, who will eventually leave her new husband for him?!?!

Or not.

Whatever Donald Glover’s new role is in the show, he is making many fans happy. Either because fans are Community lovers (like myself) or because they wanted to see more diversity on the show. They asked for it and Lena gave it to them.

Now if they can only cast me so I can add some Latin spice and Asian fusion, thus completing the show’s dynamic. Think about it, Lena Dunham.

Who else is excited for season 2 now?