Dominque Swain Invents New Pose

March 13th, 2006 // 14 Comments

Ah, no. It’s not working sweetie. How about throwing some conditioner on that hair as well.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. King Smart Ian

    Is there a reason she’s so proud of her underarms?

  2. Can someone explain to me why this girl is remotely relevant in this world??

  3. Anthony

    What’s up with her friend using the same dress she had on in the other picture?

  4. fluffbunny

    The “other girl” in the picture is her sweet, lovely and talented sister Chelse. Chelse Swain was in the Virgin Suicides, the Mangler 2 and a couple of TV shows. Clearly she is wearing the dress because it is CUTE. duh.

  5. voodoochild

    okay girl, your 15 minutes are up. leave the conditioner on longer, trailer park girl!

  6. Brenda

    I can’t believe how sun bleached she looks. Isn’t she only in her early 20′s? Too much sun, too much hair bleech and too much time on her hands to make up stupid poses.

  7. Jessieboogie

    ummmmmm…….where is she……cause she looks like she just stepped out of a hauler truck in Jersey….bad.

  8. Jen

    OMG! She used to be so pretty! What the heck happened? She looks like her face is swollen or something…

  9. robb257731

    Who is this chick? Those are some fat upper arms…they look like a couple of Virginia ham…she should cover up.

  10. bitty boop

    Damn!! What the hell happened to her? She was really cute in “Lolita” but now, Jesus!!! Bloated, bleached, and bronzed beyond recognition. Plus, she was in the video for, what was that song, Rockabye?

  11. ladybug

    She is actually very talented and pretty. She played Lolita. She did a great job and i dont know why she is so sunburned but guys dont be so tough on her.

  12. doofus

    uh, that ain’t sunburn.

    as a lifeguard for 6 years, and a pool/beach rat for years before and after those 6 in question…I have been sunburned more times than I can count. and my sunburn has NEVER looked like that.

    and while I agree that ms. swain is quite pretty, she looks terrible in these pictures. that’s not sunburn, that’s BRONZER. and it’s too dark for her, and she used TOO MUCH. honestly, in that pic of her and her sister, she looks like she made up to portray a doll in something.

  13. laS

    Ye gods, what happened to her? Not only is her skin strangely bronzed and shiny, and her hair fried, but she’s sort of… bloated. Swollen. Is she on meds or something?

  14. oscarsmomma

    Why does she feel the need to flash her armpits like that? Oh I get it she is making sure her antipersprent is working properly..She did used to be adorable…Too much partying is my guess..LOL

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