Dominic Monaghan’s Agent Really Earns His Money

Dominic Monaghan has recently stated talking about your salary with your co-workers is a bad idea! Wow! Those truly are words to live by! I mean really Dominic – you think? The “Lost” actor recently said that when actors publicly talk about money it causes uncomfortable situations for those involved behind the scenes.

To avoid these types of situations Dominic lets his agent do the talking to avoid information being misconstrued. I wonder if Dominic talks to his girlfriend and co-star Evangeline Lily about how much money he makes? I would think maybe the two would have to had shared that information with each other. The couple who has been dating for a while now is rumored to be planning a wedding for early next year. Again, another reason to talk about your finances, or maybe he just sends in his agent to talk to hers to avoid a conflict!

‘Lost’s’ Monaghan thinks money talk vulgar [Monsters & Critics]

Written by Christy Pastore

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