Charlie From “Lost” Gets A Job, Eats Wallet

February 21st, 2008 // 7 Comments

Here’s shortish Britsh actor Dominic Monaghan at the airport, with his wallet firmly in his mouth. I don’t trust those security people sometimes either. Dominic played Charlie on “Lost” until….oh wait…this would be a spoiler and I know inevitably some bitch will be like, you should have put that behind a tag! And I’ll be like it was on five hundred years ago. I can’t help it if your friggin’ Netflix queu is full up! Anyway, to avoid the drama – read on after the jump about Dominic Monaghan.


More photos of Dominic Monaghan at LAX are after the jump.

Thanks for joining us. Anyway bitch got killed on “Lost” in last season’s finale. Good. He was annoying. That whole scene with the imaginary peanut butter with Claire in the very beginning made me despise him. I don’t know what it was. I like peanut butter. Anyway, Dom’s been cast in the new “Wolverine” solo flick starring Hugh Jackman. If you didn’t already know, J. Harvey is a big ole’ comic geek. And I am constantly slapped in the face with comic book movies that screw it all up for me. For example, that new flick “Wanted” with Angelina? It’s a comic book about supervillains! Not assassins! Dumb Hollywood superhero-ruining bitches! Anyway, Dom’s playing a character named “Beak” who was mainly comic relief in the “X-Men” book so it might work. Maybe. I mean, they have Liev Schrieber’s middle-aged ass playing “Sabretooth”? How in Stan Lee’s name is that going to work out? Jesus, I should have a retainer I am such a nerd.

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By J. Harvey

  1. Daisy

    I believe he will be better. He did his time. My friends on ( think like this too. It is a niche interracial dating service

  2. S_M_G

    Charlie was my favorite character on Lost :-((

    And by the way he dies like 2 days ago on the show and everybody is over him! Lost seriously jumped the shark! Claire is having coffee on her porch not caring his bf died 2 days ago trying to save her sorry ass.

    I’m still bitter about JJ screwing up Alias :-))

  3. You should seriously start doing Lost recaps, it’d be so great!

  4. Baileys

    ouch, that hurts. I like charlie… the only guy in Lost that seems to be more personable and caring for someone else either than themselves…

    charlie’s kinda cute in many ways… like he’s always deep in thought, and memories are always sentimental… adds to his sweetness. …

    Spoiler for Lost below:
    i thought i saw him on season 4.. for a very brief minute… in two different scenes… and seems like he will come up more later, if what he expressed in those two scenes are real (and not fragments of hurley’s imagination).

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