Dom Kennedy: Putting The West Coast Back On The Charts!

Nicki Goes Pink
Nicki Minaj rocks some cotton candy hair.
If your familiar with rap or hip hop music at all then you are familiar with the fact that in recent times there haven’t been many substantial new rappers. So of course I was overjoyed when Dom Kennedy hit underground charts with some bangers and spiced up my life with his hot tracks!

Dom Kennedy is west coast born and raised, which is an added plus of course! His lyrics are fresh and so different from every other rap song these days. I love how Dom raps about his experiences; the good, the bad, and the not normally spoken about. He’s true to who he is and where hes from. He doesn’t try to front like he’s someone else and his goal was never to be a huge star, it’s just something that’s going to happened because he is truly talented, which I LOVE!

I nixed radio all together moths ago because all stations do is overplay songs, and then on op of it the songs they are playing in general have such repetitive lyrics. Dom dropped his Yellow Album mix-tape a couple of days ago and the hip hop world as we know it is in for a rude awakening.

Dom collaborated with some of the best on this mix to achieve an ultimate boss tape! For some personal insight My Type Of Party and Lately are my absolute faves at this moment! Lately is a must listen because it’s a perfect example of how he raps from the heart and personal experiences rather than your typical derogatory subject matter. Now don’t get me wron Dom gets dirty, but it way that makes it so right!

Dom Kennedy is a west coast beast and deserves absolutely ALL the attention he is receiving! For anyone who is sick of mainstream hip hop jump on the Dom wagon and cruise to this!

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