Woman Transfixed By Cameras, Fails To React To New Dolce & Gabbana Store

December 5th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Dolce and Gabanna spent fifteen million to refurbish their Manhattan citadel of style. It opened yesterday, and was graced by the likes of Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes, Jason Lewis, and more. D&G are in the midst of a major thrust to increase their business in America, which only accounts for 13& of their revenue. More store openings are in the offing. Here’s some pics of Jason Lewis (Smith from “Sex & The City, and former beau of Rosario Dawson) admiring what appears to be…the Stay Puft marshmallow man attacking the city? I’m more concerned with that woman who is absolutely transfixed by the cameras. Is she some ageing PR person and this was her first time in the spotlight? No, she was probably just looking for a bathroom and wandered into paparazzi flashbulb firestorm.

Photos: WENN

6 more photos (Rufus Sewell, Jason Lewis, Sean Avery) from the Dolce & Gabbana men’s store opening and pre-fall 2008 presentation are after the jump.

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Photos: WENN

By J. Harvey

  1. maureen

    Dmn, J.–did you just HAVE to say ‘ageing’? You know you completely ate her joy at being that close to Smith, etc. and now all her snarky friends are not even jealous that she caught some press, and she’s on her way to a full face-body makeover. Nicely done, babe!

  2. OMG another reason that makes regret not going to NYC for my freshman year of college i nstead of this SHITHOLE MASSACHUSETTS and another reason to be ashamed that culture wise I am American sadly the general population would rather wear UGGS, and tunics as shirts with jeans that are to tight if your lucky.

    That chic is trying not to be psyched D&G,LAgerfeld,Jacobs,Ghesquire. Their like deities.

    I will go know hang my head in shame for taking 2 minutes to remember Ghesquire designs for Balenciaga.

  3. Oh and Rufus Sewell is smashing not so big in the states he does not have that much needed 6-7 on a scale of 1-10 with an alcoholic smashed nose that Holywood so loves. Dolce and GAbbana look hot did anyone love the W shoot.

  4. WAKE UP!!
    Those are two FAGGOT-LOVERS and SPERM-HEADS for real!! They want to achieve as less as possible so they loved to be fucked in the ASS by dolce or gabbana or simply by the both the suckers!!

    this is what people call: DISGUSTING REALITY!!

  5. Eyes of Green

    It saddens me that this blog has been overtaken by uneducated idiots posting absolute gibberish and stupidity.

  6. Gerard Vanderberg if I could I would send you a virus on your computer so strong your electric current would malfunction. FUck you bigot.

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