DOH! Kim Kardashian Flour Bombed On Red Carpet [PHOTOS]

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Reality TV star Kim Kardashian was left humiliated when she was attacked with flour on the red carpet at her own perfume launch.

Kardashian was doing interviews at her own perfume launch at a hotel in Hollywood when a woman reportedly emptied a whole bag of the white powder on her. Watch video of the incident after the jump.

Police said paramedics were called to the hotel, but Kardashian refused medical treatment. Um, she had flour thrown on her, what kind of medial treatment would she have needed? 

The woman who allegedly threw the flour was detained by hotel security and later released at the scene. Police deputy Peter Gomez said the star told officers she did not want to press charges and a non-criminal battery report was taken.

He said Kim then returned to her room, removed the powder from her hair and clothing and returned to the event.