Dog Walker Who Found Severed Head In Hollywood Denies Taking Photos

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Professional dog walker Lauren Kornberg and her mother came upon a severed head in a bag while hiking near the Hollywood sign on January 17th, but denies shopping photos of her discovery to paparazzi agencies and posing with the bagged head.

“I didn’t have a camera. I didn’t have a cellphone. My mother and I stopped two hikers who used their cellphones to call 911,” Korberg told Gawker, adding that the distress of her finding has caused many a sleepless night.  Kornberg explained that the hikers were taking photos, but she was too busy controlling her dogs to pay much attention.

“I believe they snapped the photo.  I had nine dogs on a leash, and they were bouncing around like crazy.

“I thought I saw him snap a few pictures. And I said, ‘Did you take photos?’ and he said ‘I tried,’ but that it didn’t work or something. Right after they did that, they were like, ‘OK bye.’ I think they have taken a shot and left.”

More body parts have been found since Tuesday’s discovered in the Hollywood Hills.

By Kelly Lynch

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