Does Jessica Simpson Have A Shiner?

January 13th, 2006 // 20 Comments

What’s this? Did someone sock it to her for not sticking up for Nick after George Lopez publicly dissed him during the People’s Choice Awards.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. moss

    Oh yeah. Definitely a shiner. But it might be plastic surgery related. Her face is looking awful: Lumpy. Like Posh from the wrong angle. Ick.

  2. lucylicious

    Who cares about the shiner, what about the botoxed lips? The thing about Jessica is that she’s such Texan trailer trash (I mean come on look at her parents, her mom wears Juicy Couture track suits) that she’s probably going to end up with tons of plastic surgery and looking like complete trash by the time she’s 40. The Botox is just a foreshadowing of what’s to come. Watch and see.

  3. Tellitlikeitis

    I guess when she’s not surrounded by her “camp” she looks like crap… I can only imagine what I would look like day in and day out if I were surrounded by a make-up artist, hair dresses and stylist… I wish she would just lay off the botox… and at the People’s Choice Awards… George Lopez too funny.. it just proves that the people in Hollywood (the ones that matte any way) think she is such a joke.

  4. How to be famous while being stupid : jessica simpson

  5. Busybody

    Maybe Daddy Joe didn’t like something Jessica did and KO’d her!

  6. ShoeSlut

    Yowza! She should permanently sport a shiner to distract attention off the rest of her face… Poor Jessica. Used to be so cute when she was still relatively unknown and untainted…

  7. Jess

    Jess might want to educate herself or get a hobby, otherwise, in 10 years when she ends up looking like a 40 year old leather bag and is no good to anyone, she’ll find herself holed up in a studio apartment surrounded by yappy little dogs and injecting her already bloated face with more unnecessary Botox.

  8. Yo Mama

    Whoa check out that nose bump

  9. Elizabeth

    I wonder if Jessica and Anna Nicole are from the same trailer park in Texas.

  10. lol

    how do you know it is not a bruise?

  11. lol

    i mean a bruise inflicted by someone?…….

  12. missyjayne

    I bet it some plastic surgery – she just had lip implants recently so it seems natural she would do some eye work too. Since she is back on the market and all LOL.

  13. willow

    She’s so creepy… She does plastic surgery as we do shopping… this bruise may be a consequence of the last eye-job daddy had offered her…

  14. King Smart Ian

    From the book “Great and Desparate Cures” – “I have also been trying out a sort of half-way stage between electroshock and prefrontal lobotomy [to treat mental patients]…. This consists of knocking them out with a shock and while they are under the ‘anesthetic’ thrusting an ice pick up between the eyeball and the eyelid through the roof of the orbit [the bony cavity that contains the eye] actually into the frontal lobe of the brain and making the lateral cut by swinging the thing from side to side. I have done two patients on both sides and another on one side without running into any complications, except a very black eye in one case. There may be trouble later on but it seemed fairly easy, although definitely a disagreeable thing to watch. It remains to be seen how these cases hold up, but so far they have shown considerable relief of their symptoms, and only some of the minor behavior difficulties that follow lobotomy. [That is, prefrontal lobotomy, which typically involved boring holes through the front of the skull. The ice pick operation is called a "transorbital lobotomy."] They can even get up and go home within an hour or so. If this works out it will be a great advance for people who are too bad for shock but not bad enough for surgery.”

  15. bestdress

    Whats wrong with her chin?

  16. lala

    damn b*tch! u look like 5hit!!!

  17. outsidelookingin

    it looks like she has one of those buttcrack chins!

  18. queen l

    i think it is botox coz when u put inject too much in the eye area that is what happens coz the skin theer is very soft

  19. Deretarded queen I

    I think it may be caused by too much botox, because the skin around the eye area is very soft.

  20. Yada

    She looks the same to me as she always has. We are talking about a girl who’s dumber than a box of rocks…she probably gave herself the black eye.

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