Does Bono’s Wife Know About This?

Seriously, hasn’t he been married for a long time? What’s he up to? Plus, how does he understand what the hell she’s saying? Can anyone? I’m not even baggin’ on her because English is her 2nd language. I bet she’s unintelligible in her homeland, too. Anyway, Bono and Penelope Cruz keep holding hands all over the globe. He better keep it in check, or his wifey’s gonna get all that “Joshua Tree” money.

For the U2 frontman, 47, Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, 33, and model Helena Christensen have been spotted walking hand-in-hand along a Saint Tropez beach.

Cruz and Bono were also snapped leaving the exclusive VIP Room nightclub in the French Riviera. Holding hands as they exited the club they cosied up and seemed lost in conversation as they were driven away.

Threesome! The report goes on to state that Penny is a big fan of Bono’s and has always spoken glowingly about him. How do they even know what she was saying? She could have meant Sonny. Or Chastity.


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