Does Anyone Else Feel Taylor Momsen Is A Young Courtney Love?

I don’t get Taylor Momsen. Much in the same way I don’t understand Marilyn Manson or Dr. James Dobson. Her rocker chic appearance and attitude seems to smack of an air of desperately trying too hard to be something ‘cool’ or ‘edgy.’

For instance, in the recent offering from her band The Pretty Reckless, Taylor recreates Jesus’ Last Supper with her bandmates as her disciples. I feel that elicits nothing but a yawn even from the Pope. Religion has been criticized and mocked and applied to nearly every art form and it seems that the idea is stale. (You can watch the video after the jump if you’re so inclined.)

While I’m not an overly religious person, or nice for that matter, I just don’t see the point of people constantly trying to mine religion for shock value.

Once Momsen realizes that not that much separates her from Miley Cyrus and owns up to the fact that she was in a Disney film, I feel she’ll be a much happier person. Until then she’ll continue to play early 90s Courtney Love, which is never a look anyone inhabit.