Does Anyone Care If Katherine Heigl Stays On Grey’s Anatomy?

March 8th, 2010 // 5 Comments

And for the four of you that do, my apologies, I’m sure they’ll give her a righteous goodbye once it’s FINALLY her time.

But seriously, which of you people are still watching Grey’s Anatomy? Can I get a comment woot-woot or something or another?

I used to really, really like this show. I did. A couple seasons ago, there wasn’t a Meredith Grey emotionally fueled wrap-up speech that didn’t feel like it was written especially for me. Basically, every time I’d screw up my life, Meredith would too, and somehow I’d find solace in the fact that all wasn’t lost if there was next week’s episode to look forward to. Hope, I think, is what they call that.

However, I happen to vividly recall that as the show’s star was fading for me, Katherine Heigl was bitching shit-fits all over that Mercy West set about leaving the show. Almost three years later, and Izzie is still being an emotional wreck of a model-turned-doctor. Didn’t she have cancer or something? And they let her live through that?

Well apparently her character, Izzie, is still very much alive, but alas!, there are rumors swirling that Heigl will finally be leaving the show… for real this time guys! No, not really, actually. In fact, they might off two newer players (Dr. Percy and Dr. Adamson), but keep on keeping weirdo Izzie. Whatever, as long as they don’t off Meredith, I couldn’t care less.  

By Bailey Edwards

  1. Logan

    I think a lot of people care that she is leaving…the fact she hasn’t been on the show all year has coincided with the lowest ratings ever. Coincidence..I think not. Personally getting rid of Meredith would have been the best thing they could have done. Lexie is a far more appealing “Grey”.

  2. tyler

    everytime i see this lady i think of the ‘miracle of life’ scene at the end of Knocked up. Its beautiful in the most cosmic sense, but less attractive in the blood-and-poop sense….

    and that black hair is just not cool on her.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s pretty tough to “[bitch] shit-fits all over that Mercy West set” three years ago, when the fictional hospital they worked at was called Seattle Grace. (Mercy West is the name of the rival hospital Seattle Grace merged with earlier this season.)

    Perhaps you were home sick the day it was covered in Gossip Blogs 101, but if you want anyone at all to believe the shit you make up, at *least* get the supporting details correct.

  4. Gina

    woot woot!

  5. Kerri

    I’m glad KH is returning to GA. I’ve missed Izzie and I don’t want her to leave.

    All these “rumors are swirling” that she is leaving is from the press. She never said she wanted to leave.

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