Does Mila Kunis Have That Ashton Kutcher Glow? [PHOTOS]

Mila's Sultriest Looks
Mila Kunis on the red carpet.
Mila Kunis stopped by a local Starbucks for an ice drink before heading to a Pilates class in Los Angeles, California yesterday (July 5, 2012).

Mila had a bandage on her left big toe. Could she have injured it while making out with Ashton Kutcher? The rumored couple were caught kissing and cuddling at an Independence Day party.

The 28-year-old Friends with Benefits actress jumped into a swimming pool and wrapped herself in a towel after climbing out. Kutcher later approached the brunette beauty, giving her an affectionate hug and kiss.

A few days ago, the two actors were also seen enjoying a date. They were having lunch together and holding hands. “Kunis kept running her hands through Kutcher’s hair and that Kutcher leaned in to whisper something in Kunis’ ear and then he kissed her on the cheek,” a source said. 

At least Ashton is dating someone closer to his own age.