Does Anyone Else Think Miley Cyrus ‘Unplugged’ Wasn’t That Unplugged?

Miley For Terry Richardson
Miley Cyrus gets very risque for photoshoot.
Now, maybe my idea of an MTV Unplugged session is old, but isn’t it that it’s a small space, small audience, small band and just the musical artist(s) singing? While Miley CyrusMTV Unplugged session covered some of these, I’m a little bit confused.

Miley’s special aired last night with the aim of giving us a new look at Miley, which it did. And even though it was a great place for her to showcase her vocal talents, I can’t help think that it was more like a small concert than something “unplugged.” 

The girl had props, and costumes, and costume changes, and basically an entire band. Even the version of “Wrecking Ball” sounds more like something off her album or from a giant, live stage show than the small, stripped down version I was expecting.

None of this is to say that Miley isn’t talented. She has a very clear picture of what she’s doing, and when she sang Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” it was gorgeous. But remember when she sang it on her backyard session? Now that was unplugged.

I know I often bring up Adam Lambert, but did you see his Unpluggedsession? I would argue that Adam is just as outrageous as Miley–if not more–but when he performed he was truly raw. Watch him sing “Mad World” below and try not to be moved. While Miley was fun, it just wasn’t what I was expecting.

Oh, and that Madonna thing was weird. Launch the gallery to check out some photos from the evening. What did you guys think about it? Am I just being overly critical? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.