‘Doctor Who’ Star Matt Smith Makes Friends With The Olympic Torch [PHOTOS]

The Summer 2012 Olympics
How the royal family will be involved.
Look! The Doctor is carrying the Olympic torch! Well, at least the incredibly hot and talented actor playing the Doctor was carrying it. Doctor Who star Matt Smith took over torch duties this morning in Cardiff. Although it was at a godforsaken hour of the day, Matt still got quite the crowd.

Matt told reporters, “I would do it in my underpants. It’s the Olympic torch. I would probably get a bigger crowd for that. It’s a great privilege. I can’t believe the number of people who turned up. I thought I would just be waving to the ducks.” Nope, definitely way more people than ducks. And some of them were even dressed up like the Doctor!

For those of who might not know, Doctor Who is a long running British television series about an alien who travels through all of time and space. It’s the best show ever. And Matt Smith is amazing. Check out all the photos in the gallery to see just how excited he is! Anybody make it out there today? Tell us!