Do You Have a Clue?

December 27th, 2006 // 17 Comments

Which married record label boss is heavily promoting a certain sexy girl group despite its relative lack of talent because he’s smitten with the lead singer? . . .

Which rail-thin socialite – who suffered this year when her ex-fiancé quickly married a gorgeous brunette after dumping her – is having health issues? Though her friends beg her to eat, her anorexia has caused the early onset of osteoporosis . . .

Which tall, blond publicist-socialite is back on the Colombian Marching Powder? She stopped snorting when she became “a professional career woman” but is now back to late hours and doing lines off bathroom surfaces.

Just Asking [Page Six]

By Jessica Marx

  1. snarky

    diddy and danity kane, though I have to tell you my friend loves that total crap showstoppers song. Can we get a list of worst songs from ’06? I got distracted trying to decide if it’s that one, or paris hilton’s stars are blind…..second item is Olivia Chantecaille, she used to be with Eric Villency….the whole thing kinda sucks too, b.c she seems pretty normal. I have no idea who the third one is, but I’ll be irresponsible and guess the tinz. I know she used to work for a PR firm, and pg six always puts not-so-blind-tinz items in there….

  2. katie

    I think the first one is Tommy Mottola (however you spell it, the one who was married to Mariah Carey)and Pussycat Dolls. The other two I do not know.

  3. J

    1. tommy mottola (i guess)

    2.not sure

    3. lizzie grubman

  4. J

    1. tommy mottola (i guess)

    2. not sure

    3. lizzie grubman

  5. kimosabe

    Definitely Olivia Chantecaille for #2. Her ex, Eric Villency, married SF Mayor Gavin Newsom’s ex & court TV alum, Kimberly Guifoyle. They already had a baby.

  6. kimosabe

    Lizzie Grubman is only 5’2. That’s not tall so she’s out for # 3

  7. TT

    #1 Tommy Mattola
    #2 Olivia Chantecaille
    Don’t think #3 can be Lizzie Grubman considering she just popped out a kid about a month ago.

  8. Sasha

    1) P Diddy is not married. I think the answer is Tommy Mottola and The Pussycat Dolls.

    2) Olivia C., Eric V. and Kimberly

    3) No idea. Cokeheads are a dime a dozen in the industry, who cares?

  9. courtney

    2. is renee zellweger

  10. anon

    Number three is Lauren Davis

  11. amanda

    couldn’t #3 be paris? she’s tall and blonde

  12. amanda

    oops, miised the publicist part. Where do you get the answers for these things????

  13. dd

    It’s Ron Fair or Jimmy Iovine and Nicole from the Pussy Cat

  14. duh

    #3.) Rachel Zoe or whatever the fuck her name is. the one dumped by nichole richie rich.

  15. sally

    1. Tommy M.
    2. Olivia Chanterelle – hieress – socialite
    3. Kate Schelter – pr nyc

  16. flawless

    1) Russell Simmons & black buddafly
    2) Renee Z.
    3) ???

  17. Wendy

    1. It’s Iovine and Scherzing or whatever she calls herself.

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