Do Something Awards Honor Kellan Lutz, Alyssa Milano, Kathy Griffin

Last night’s Do Something Awards, hosted by Jane Lynch, celebrated good works performed by young people on behalf of specific causes and communities – celebrities and non-celebrities alike.

Lynch kicked off the program with a sketch where she talked the audience through a slideshow that
inserted her image into pivotal moments of do-good-ism, such as working
with Mother Teresa, Jane Goodall, and of course, Lindsay Lohan. Absolutely hilarious.

The evening’s big winner was Jessica Pozner, taking home $100,000 to expand her school for girls in Kenya’s largest slum and for celebrities, such as Kathy Griffin for ‘Do Something Comedian’ and the Twilight Saga’s Kellan Lutz for ‘Do Something for Animals’ winner.

Later on during the program, Snoop Dogg and Christina Applegate also picked up awards (what did Snoop pick up an award for?), as did Twitter Queen Alyssa Milano, who immediately tweeted out thanks to her fans.

Check out the gallery of all the stars who were on hand for the awards!