Do People Still Think Tom Cruise Is Cuckoo?

Tom Cruise, seen here on his way to see the Broadway show Fences with his wife Katie Holmes, has a new movie out, but Hollywood insiders are wondering whether enough time has passed for audiences to put his crazy antics behind him. Jumping on the couch? Scientology? Anti-psychiatry? It’s been a while since we’ve though of him as the all-American comic action hero of the golden Mission: Impossible, Top Gun and Jerry Maguire days. Will his role in his new movie Knight and Day, a harkening back to that era, put him back in audience’s good graces? His catch-phrase in the film is simply, “I’m the guy.” Is he? 

“I think he has moved past that,” said head of domestic distribution for 20th Century Fox Chris Aronson, referring to Cruise, being, uh CRAZY! ”I think he still is the guy. If you look over the course of history, there are very few actors who are the guy as long as he has been and are still rolling along.”
“Enough time has passed, and he has tried to make amends,” said Chuck Walton, an editor for “This is sort of the perfect summer movie vehicle for him. I think most, if not all, is forgiven.”
I may have forgotten Oprah’s exact facial expression when her couch was trampled, but let’s be real. And it’s not like there is a shortage of other new creepiness, mostly concerning creepiest child alive Suri Cruise (she wears toddler heels, people!) I think that icky feeling is going to follow him around for a long long time.