Do It.

April 23rd, 2007 // 4 Comments

Ok, I kid. But seriously. These guys are really badass. With their Twisted Teas and the coke they bought with Daddy’s allowance. What kind of dickhead keeps a (supposedly) loaded gun lying around while a bunch of privileged drunken high trashbag Hollywood types are sitting around, wasting oxygen? Tools. has obtained disturbing photos of former Laguna Beach star Jason Wahler engaged in what sources say was a dangerous game of Russian Roulette.

The pictures, which were taken last summer, show the 20-year-old and his friend, rapper Jay 211, holding a pistol to their heads and then pulling the trigger.

“We were just wasted one night and we ended up back at Jay’s house in North Hollywood,” a source who witnessed the incident tells

“Everyone was just playing around and they decided to play Russian Roulette. There was one bullet in the gun and Jason and Jay both pointed the gun at their heads and pulled the trigger.”

Luckily, no one got hurt. The source adds: “Jason’s out of control. He’s out of his f–king mind.”

Isn’t this bitch employed? Doesn’t he have to get up for work in the morning? Probably not. God, rich people are so irritating sometimes. Seriously. This isn’t even cool. It was cool when David Silver’s friend blew his head off on his Mom’s Persian rug on “90210″, though. THAT was cool, and hard-hitting and tragic. These twats can’t even behave badly in an original manner.

By J. Harvey

  1. Pradagrrl

    This guy is a total TOOL

  2. mike

    Do it. I do not kid.

  3. Small Fry

    “Luckily no one got hurt.” Um, who are we counting lucky here. This guy and his white rapper friend should do us all a favor a put six bullets in the gun and play another round.

    On another note, where the eff does this jerk off get all his money? His house (actually his parent’s house) didn’t seem all that great and fancy on Laguna Beach. My guess is he’s trading blow jobs for cash at the public bathroom on the beach in Laguna.

  4. joan durtz

    Yep. And these are types of douche bags that everyone thinks are so hot! What a bunch of idiots. Too bad they obviously were not drunk enough to make any mistakes. Losers!

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