Do You Park Like An A*****e?

A new website called is out to name and shame all those bad parkers in the world and has already attracted more than 500,000 angry drivers!

The website features photos of vehicles which are poorly parked, which does drive me crazy. Best part though is that it has tickets which you can print out and leave under an offending driver’s windshield, including the comments, “a little too close,” “too close to my driveway,” and “you’re just an asshole!” Absolutely brilliant!

Fans have already nearly printed 200,000 ‘tickets.’ Despite the popularity, the creator has received hate mail…

Andy, an elementary school teacher who started the website, says he has been sent angry emails and letters from drivers unhappy that they have been featured on the website – from every state in the USA.

”I stared the project four years ago when I was still in school myself. I was in a web design class and came up with the idea. It has really taken off. The worst offenders seem to be people who park diagonally over a parking line, which ensures no one can get in either space. We suggest people keep the tickets in their glove box and when they see a bad parker, fill one out and put in on the windshield.”

Love it!

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