Do the ‘Do like Ashlee Simpson

Ha! “Do the ‘do” sounds like it could be Ashlee Simpson’s next single. Wait, does she still sing?

If she is, she’s not making headlines for it. Instead, her hair is. That cute, blonde, rocker pixie cut has got everyone talking (and thanking the heavens that she cut that cross-dyed mop on her head. I guess her husband, Pete Wentz wasn’t the only one who let himself go when Fall Out Boy broke up).

It’s a tale of new beginnings of the Wentz family. Pete’s got his new band, Black Cards, and Ashlee has her new ‘do to ward off any lead singers that threaten to take her man.

So what are the key pointers in obtaining Ashlee’s Decades of Denim launch party, red carpet look?

  1. Keep hair healthy and shiny with a lightweight product that delivers high shine without weight your hair down, such as Oscar Blani Olio Di Jasmine Shiny Spray;
  2. and compliment it with smokey eyes, mega lashes and nude lips

But for those who are less glamorous and want Ashlee’s quick fix: just wash your hair.