Do Not Touch The Gaga! Lady Gaga Fan Gets Tackled By Bodyguard [VIDEO]

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Well, I guess we know that Lady Gaga is getting what she paid for in security.

Lady Gaga’s bodyguards leveled an overly excited fan in Romania on Thursday. The singer was walking through a hotel lobby when a man ran through revolving doors and hurled himself at the pop star.

As the singer sauntered towards the exit in an eccentric black and white dress, white gloves and a large brimmed hat waving and smiling at the folks outside, she got a lot more than she bargained for when an excitable male fan ran into the hotel lobby clutching a pen and a piece of paper rather than waiting like everybody else.

He was immediately restrained and taken down to the floor by one of her security guards who placed his knee on the suspected assailant’s neck until Gaga had left the vicinity.

Watch the action go down. 

It certainly seemed to give the singer a scare as she jumped and took several paces back before a second security guard who guided her towards the door.