DNA Test Results Prove Jude Law’s Fatherhood

While Jude Law might not be talking to press about his one-night stand baby debacle, the mother of his newborn child, Samantha Burke, has confirmed that the Hamlet actor’s DNA test proves he is definitely the father of her baby girl, Sophia.

A representative for model Burke reveals, “Samantha can confirm that DNA testing has conclusively established that Jude Law is Sophia’s father.” She adds, “Check back in six months. Maybe she and Jude will be getting married.”

Samantha seems to be confident in her status in Jude’s life, however his ex-wife, Sadie Frost, is furious. A source reveals to the Daily Mail, “He told Sadie that he only slept with her once. But now he has confirmed to her and his children that the child is his. He has reassured the children it will not affect their family times together.”

Although the couple divorced six years ago, they remain very close and the news has put a considerable strain on their family situation. It’s estimated that over the next 18 years, Jude could end up handing over $3 million to Burke.

Boys, are you learning anything from this?

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