DKNY Spring 2011 Collection: Sophisticated, Sleek, and Carefree

So many of the Spring 2011 collections have shown pastels and pale neutrals over and over again: white, off-white, ivory, cream….. you get the picture. I love you Donna Karan for laying the foundation of your Spring 2011 collection with neutrals of substance. Y.E.S. for black, navy blue, khaki, and milk chocolate brown. This DKNY Spring 2011 collection is filled with three-quarter length sleeved blazers, cropped dress pants, flirty skirts and dresses, silk blouses, belts tied in bows, and silk kerchiefs draped around the neck. It’s the type of looks that say, “I effortlessly got ready in 10 minutes but I look so much better than you.” Damn.

Beyond all the navy blue and khaki, turquoise and shades of coral are used as pops of color interspersed throughout the collection. Turquoise and coral are essentially complimentary colors, and the contrast and spark each color provides is fresh, yet different for each look. I am all about the combination of structured and unstructured pieces. A blousy silk top paired with a cropped and fitted dress pant, casual blazer, sexy pump, and patterned kerchief is the recipe for a sophisticated woman with integrity and drive with each step she takes.

Without a doubt, the DKNY Spring 2011 collection brings to mind a few celebs. Kate Bosworth, Katie Holmes, and Gwenyth Paltrow are captured time after time strutting around town with cropped pants or blazers rolled at the sleeve. I think they would eat this collection up, not only for the style of clothing, but the colors incorporated within the collection. I would love to see Jessica Alba and Rachel McAdams pull these pieces off, as well. Both women have a carefree attitude and beauty about them that would coincide quite harmoniously with Donna Karan’s designs.

Props to the DKNY collection for presenting fresh looks and exuding an attitude that is both professional and flirty. Dear Donna, I would not be mad if you sent me some of this clothing.