DKNY Channels Citilights All Aglow

Donna Karan mixed casual outfits with evening wear at the DKNY show. She employed glitzy tops to liven up a humdrum suit and used hearts on bow blouses to add a touch of whimsy to otherwise buttoned-up, classically tailored styles. Karan’s favorite color, black, was everywhere, mixed with gray, berry, violet and yellowish green. Karan said that she was inspired by the sexy buzz of Manhattan at night when streets are “a blur of dotted lights and neon color.” 80’s touches like silver sequined leggings added a touch of whimsy to Karan’s sexy buzz chic.

Kate Spade’s husband Jack Spade plans to hand out cookies shaped like hot dogs and hamburgers this week to raise awareness about the painfully thin, sunken treasure chested models.

More photos from the DKNY show are after the jump.

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