DJ AM Is Hoping To Save Nicole Richie’s Life

January 18th, 2006 // 8 Comments

Enough with all the talk about doing something. Just fucking do something. Or little miss thing won’t be around for anyone to do something about it.

He loved her. He left her. But Adam Goldstein hasn’t stopped caring about ex-fiancée Nicole Richie. And now that Nicole needs a true friend, Goldstein (a.k.a. DJ AM) is there for her. In fact, Star has learned that at a Miami Beach New Year’s party they’d committed to hosting when they were still a couple, Adam made a desperate attempt to persuade his rail-thin ex to stop her partying ways. “He just can’t sit back and watch her waste away,” says a source. “It’s killing him to watch Nicole selfdestruct.”

Adam’s rescue mission began, sources say, right after the two — who broke off their engagement on Dec. 7 — arrived at the trendy Mansion nightclub around 11:15 p.m. Seated with a few friends, they chatted until after midnight. “Adam told Nicole that she’s a beautiful, talented woman, but that she needs to get her priorities straight,” the source says. “Nicole’s friends have pleaded with Adam to ask Nicole outright what’s wrong with her. They’ve asked him to stage an intervention about her health. They know he’s the only one, aside from her father [singer Lionel Richie], Nicole will listen to.”

Adam Steps In To Save Nicole [Star]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. akflave

    Her friends are morons. It’s not about asking what’s wrong with her — that’s pretty clear, and they all know what it is. It’s about intervening.

  2. ihatecelebs

    Noooo! AM, leave Nicole alone. She’s almost dead as it is, just the way I want her. Go save some starving African babies instead – at least they have potential.

  3. LuvChoo

    That’s got to be an old pic. Nicole is fat in this pic.

  4. mememe

    That’s a great pic of Paris’s lazy eye

  5. If he really cares and wants to save her, then why dump her when she needs him the most?

  6. Stewie Griffin

    I know it’s all fun and games on these blogs sometimes, but this girl really does have a serious problem. Last few pics I’ve seen of her are pretty damn scary, she’s sickly thin. It’s hard to believe the people around her are just letting this go on.

  7. Cynthia

    Who’s the ugly blonde transvestite with the lazy eye, sitting right behind her?

  8. taylor215

    Nicole is fine! she nos wat she is doing. she is a tiny girl… that is her build.. leave her tha f*ck alone…. Nicole is a good person.. she aint on drugs n her book is tha shit… holla

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