DJ AM aka Adam Goldstein

The self proclaimed premier deejay to the Entertainment Industry, DJ AM showed up over an hour late to set, putting a minor strain on production, crew, and talent. Host AJ Calloway, who seemed to be difficult for the Assistant Directors to work with, held his own by entertaining the young audience through small talk and the playing of a few nursery rhyme records to make up for the music he felt an imperative for the overall atmosphere. After the first segment was shot without music, Adam Goldstein, DJ AM or soon better to be recognized as Mr. Nicole Ritchie arrived and his talent made up for the loss time. Nicole Ritchie observed the set-up behind cameras for a short while before she left the set for another ordinary day as a socialite. Rob Sellers the first A.D demanded eye contact and acknowledgment from Calloway who missed direction on a few takes due either to his ADHD or pre-wedding jitters; as he will officially bid bachelor hood a good day Saturday, 23 April 2005 in NY. He did not disclose the name of the bride but did share that his wedding singer, a celebrity he preferred not to blast, canceled on him and the stakes were high as he and his planners sought performer adequate for the date. On the television pilot, guest included The RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan, a slimmer Heavy-D, and a moderately shy D.J Quick. Mariah Carey also will appear on a taped segment for this show which will debut on the UPN network. Kel Mitchel who hogged the spotlight from Calloway and co-star Kim Coles, kept the set upbeat, on guard, and friendly with his late in the afternoon high dose of energy.

[Thanks to Jessica]