DJ Cat Spins A Bob Marley Record [VIDEO]

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Cats love anything that dangles or spins right? This adorable cat is definitely no exception. He (or she) clearly loves watching the vinyl record spinning on the record player.

Let’s all take a minute to enjoy the rare piece of equipment. Unless you own one of these beauties, it has probably been quite a while since you lost saw one. To be honest, the cat could be more enthusiastic about the record player than any human.

A person who commented on the video, like many others, was concerned about the record. Pets everywhere have ruined them. At least they looked cute doing it, right? I can’t tell if it’s the spinning, or Bob Marley’s music that interests them. Maybe a little of both?

Without a doubt, the best part of the whole video is when the owner pauses the video and turns the music off. We see the cat enjoying a spin around the record player.

How many spins does it take before a cat feels nauseous?

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