Diva’s Dancers Discouraged by Dismal Dividends

Sorry about the alliteration, but I’m in a silly mood this morning.

If you’re dancing for Beyonce, you better hope that the glory of getting to be her back-up is renumeration remuneration enough because the salary’s pretty pitiful. TMZ reports that the dancers who are working on Beyonce’s upcoming video are getting short-changed because the pop diva herself is financing the shoot herself and hoping to cut costs by dealing with the dancers directly, sans agents. According to TMZ:

Industry contacts say this practice is highly irregular for an artist of Beyonce’s stature, and it undermines the dance industry as a whole. TMZ has learned that in order to maintain good working relationships, the production company for the project , RSA Films, has recently agreed to pay agency fees for some of the dancers.

Uh oh. Well, there’s nobody left to kick out of the group, so I’m not sure exactly how Beyonce plans on remedying the situation.